Portable Radio Telephone System (1973)

A Motorola INC., Communications Division 1973-as híre egy fejlesztés alatt álló találmányukról a "Portable telephone"-ról.

This new DYNA T.A.C portable radio telephone will operate over radio frequencies and "talk" to any conventional telephone in the world, according to Motorola Vice Presidents John F. Mitchell and Martin Cooper. [Cooper on the right]
The unit weights less than three pounds [1.4 kg], fit in the hand and operates as simply as a conventional telephone, Cooper said.
The portable telephone has a miniature computer built into the two-way radio to perform the telephone functions. This miniature computer uses new large-scale, extremely low-drain, integrated circuits that have as many as two thousand transistors on one small piece of silicone the size of a large pin head. Further applications of this technology will produce even smaller portable telephones and lower cost units, Cooper said.

Indeed. A teljes sajtótájékoztató letölthető pdf-ben, vagy elolvasható itt:

P.s.: Ugye, hogy csudás korban élünk?

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